Why DJ B.F.A.?


Why did I choose the name Barefaced Audacity? There is a story to this.

People who know me would describe me as a philistine when it comes to the “fine art”. The Mona Lisa is nice but nothing more than that and as soon as I enter a museum I get the urge to get out of it again at the earliest possible occassion. Nevertheless there is a cultural aspect to my DJ name.

Profielfoto 6

At high school my English teacher had the great idea to watch the video, yes it was a long time ago, of Harold Pinter’s play The Homecoming“. A sad piece that I will not bother you with. However, at a certain moment two brothers argue about a cheese sandwich and one of the two exclaims: “barefaced audacity” (the moment occurs at 1 hour en 29 minutes).

For one reason or the other, that exclamation stuck with me from that moment on. When I was looking for a DJ name I tried many different names on for size but eventually I chose this one. I feel it is a part of me and particularly  because I had to have the “BareFaced Audacity” to let the world know that I wanted to be a DJ.



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