Amsterdam DJ School

At the Amsterdam DJ School my DJ heart was revived. I could write a long story of praise about how enthusiastic, social, professional etc. they are but that is for you to find out for yourself. I can certainly recommend them if you, as was I at the time, are looking for a way to make a step (or leap for that matter) forward in your world that evolves about music. As a wannabe DJ you will be taught intensively based on the ground principles of “The Big Four”.

Immediately it will become clear to you that being / becoming a good DJ is more than just having a huge music database and fancy equipment. On the contrary, it is very well possible to achieve your goal with less expensive equipment.

DJ-ing is not the only discipline you can learn there. When I am writing this I am following the course “Co-produceren”. Under the guidance of a professional talent coach you can make your own track, or remix a track that you find awesome. This way you will have to deal with topics a real producer also has to deal with. This can change the way you feel about the music you love so much.

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