B.F.A’s Friday Fever Track

Friday Fever


Every Friday I will try to draw your attention to a track that is special to me. This is not a track produced or mixed by me! It is a track that gives you an idea of what I like and what you can expect of DJ B.F.A.

This time it is: Justice with the track “Alakazam!“. It is a track that has been published recently and it immediately gripped me once I heard it for the first time. The fact that I was, and actually still am, a big Depeche Mode fan and Synth Pop lover probably has to do with it. But it is not only the synthesizer that drew my attention but the infectuous bass line just blew me away. The combination just makes this track irresistable!

Justice (stylised as Jus†ice) is a French electronic music duo consisting of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay. The duo is the most successful group on Ed Banger Records and is managed by the label’s head, Pedro Winter. Justice is known for incorporating a strong rock and indie influence into its music and image. Apart from the disco and funk influences of electro house, Justice’s style has some heavy metal influence.Justice combines cut up or slapped basslines with compressed and distorted synth sounds.

Source (Wikipedia)

Click the “Friday Fever” pic and enjoy the music. Let it be a great start for an even greater weekend, enjoy!

Take care and enjoy the beat,


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